Total War Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai Announced

/ 6 years ago

Sega has just announced that Fall of the Samurai, a standalone expansion for Shogun 2, will be released in March 2012. The expansion, being regarded as a “huge upgrade” to the original game, will include six new playable clans who will need to fight off the foreign powers of America, Britain and France

On top of that, an improved campaign map is also being shown, along with new building and technology trees including railways and naval bombardments. Brand new units and abilities will also added. On the land side of things, thirty nine new units are introduced including Gatling guns, US Marines and British Royal Marines. While, 10 new ship types will make their appearance, including Ironclad class battleships, steamers and torpedo boats, which a player can use  in land battles to call in extra artillery strikes.

If that was not enough, there are three new agent types, four new historical scenarios, new siege-battle mechanics and a large but not yet detailed upgrade to multiplayer.

Source: Gameconnect

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