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Trackmania Nations Remake is Almost Here!

I love my racing games, and there are a few that really stand out throughout my lifetime of gaming. Of course, the original Track Mania is one of those, and while I admit, the games interface and deployment over the following years was a bit, well, crap, the original game is still an absolute master class in arcade racing action.

Thankfully, the bigwigs at Ubisoft know this too and will be releasing a remake of the original Trackmania Nations on Epic Games Store and UPLAY. Now I know, Ubisoft, UPlay, Epic Games Store, not exactly the words to fill our readers with confidence, I’m sure… but let’s give them all the benefit of the doubt until we’ve seen the game in action ourselves.


The new game is simply going to be called “Trackmania” and I like that they’ve kept it simple. So what can you expect? Well, better online support, modern hardware support, new blocks, upgraded graphics. That’s all it needs, this isn’t a complex game to begin with.

Launch Trailer

Check of the official launch trailer below. Hyped yet? You should be!

Release Date

The game was originally launching on the 5th of May. Of course, will all this Coronavirus stuff going on, that has now been pushed back until July 1st. A big cheer to all those kick-ass developers working hard at home making games. Albeit, we all know the delay is because they’re all watching re-runs of The Simpsons without the boss watching over their shoulders. I know I am.

What Ubisoft Had to Say

“Trackmania® arrives on July, 1st! Race, create and compete in this remake of the legendary Trackmania Nations. Trackmania is a new start for the franchise, with better live content, better progression opportunities, new blocks and upgraded graphics. With its unique racing experience, creation and sharing tools and in-game competition systems, Trackmania reinvents itself to become the racing discipline of today.” – Trackmania

Peter Donnell

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