TrackR Demonstrate Latest Smart Hardware at CES 2017

/ 1 year ago


TrackR is one brand we checked out at CES 2016, and we’re very happy to see them return to CES 2017 with their latest hardware. The company creates small Bluetooth sensors which can be fitted to your keys, phone, wallet, and any number of things to help you find them quickly and easily.

The TrackR key ring is something I use all the time and now that they offer support for Amazon Alexa, simply saying “Alexa, where are my keys?” causes the key ring to flash and beep till I find them. I can do the same for my mobile device as the app will cause my phone to ring (even if it was on mute), and they even make a wallet credit card sized sensor now too!


Want to expand your location tracking? This smart plug will help you map your house and the app will then be able to tell you which room you left your item in, saving you more time when tracking your lost goods.



TrackR is cloud based too, so if someone else’s sensors pick up your sensor, or even one of the Ruckus sensors which can be deployed in retail areas, you’ll still get the notification.



Looks like you left your keys at work again… whoops!



Check out the TrackR homepage for more information.

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