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Trademark Application Hints at New Silent Hill Game

As blasphemous as this might sound, while I have always appreciated the Silent Hill franchise (well, mostly) I’ve always been something of a backseat gamer for it. I’ve played a few of them and, in all honesty, have never been entirely enthused by them. At the risk of some of you getting your pitchforks out… I don’t get the hype. Regardless of my (likely misguided) opinion, it has been a long time since a good game was released in the franchise.

There was, of course, hopes when the P.T. demo hinted at ‘Silent Hills’. We all know what happened to that, however, when Konami and Hideo Kojima had their falling out.

Since then, Konami has remained frustratingly quiet on the subject and it has led many to believe that, at least for the foreseeable future, Silent Hill might be on the backburner. Well… perhaps not! – In a report via AndroidCentral, a trademark application in Canada by Konami has given a strong indication that a brand new game might be in production!

Konami Files New Silent Hill Trademark

Based on the nature of the application, rather than simply a renewal of the name, all indications suggest that this is a brand new release that Konami may currently have in the works. Why? Well, this trademark application has been made entirely separate to the franchise as a whole.

As such, while it is certainly no guarantee, Konami likely has something new planned for the series.

What Do We Think?

Ok, so if Konami was going into full ‘fan mode’ service here, I daresay most would absolutely love to see the first 2 games get the ‘remake’ treatment that we recently saw from Capcom in Resident Evil 2. The sad fact, however, is that Konami is not really a prolific games developer any more. They certainly don’t release as much now as they did 10-15 years ago and, as such, perhaps such a lofty concept seems as unlikely as a brand new game.

We will, of course, keep you posted. It is, however, interesting news none-the-less.

What do you think? – What would you like to see next from the Silent Hill franchise? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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