Tribes: Ascend given a release date

/ 6 years ago

Tribes: Ascend launches on 12th April, Hi-Rez Studios has announced.

The fast-paced sci-fi FPS goes live on PC. It’s free to play.

Over 400,000 people played the open beta, Hi-Rez said. All player progress carries over into the release build.

To celebrate the announcement, Hi-Rez released a Tribes: Ascend Llama Island parody trailer, below. Does it remind you of anything?

“Tribes is all about speed and movement”, said Hi-Rez boss Todd Harris. “In fact the community uses the term llama to refer to a player moving too slowly, like a plodding llama.

“So this video demonstrates the perils of trying to capture a flag while going too slow. The outcome is predictable but no less tragic.”


Source: Eurogamer

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