TRIM for RAID 0 to arrive on X79 soon

/ 5 years ago

No longer will your shiny expensive SSDs degrade in RAID 0 on X79!

TRIM for RAID 0 on 7 series chipsets (Z77, B75, H77, Z75, etc) was announced last week. But for many that was disappointing news. Lets face it, X79 users are more likely to have SSDs in RAID o than 7 series users as they are more willing to spend money on their PCs and a lot more enthusiastic about performance.

It appears their cries have been heard. Intel made amends by announcing that users of Intel X79 chipset will be able to take advantage of the TRIM command in RAID 0 setups, with a future version of the RSTe (Rapid Storage Technology Enterprise) driver, without being specific about the version or its release date.

“Current RSTe drivers specific to X79 do NOT support TRIM on RAID 0, but an updated RST driver version coming soon will add support for X79 based systems, including the TRIM on RAID 0 feature. Note that on client 7-series chipsets (non X79), RST driver version 11.0 and beyond supports TRIM on RAID 0.” Said Intel.

Good news for enthusiasts. But we want to know, do any of you out there have a need for RAID 0 TRIM on X79, Z77, B75, H77 or Z75 systems? Let us know below!



One Response to “TRIM for RAID 0 to arrive on X79 soon”
  1. MAnny lopez says:

    I was thinking of getting a pair of 520. ill still get them, but I will wait till they update. I hope intel makes it happen soon.

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