TRIM in RAID-0 SSD Arrays works on Intel 6-Series motherboards

/ 5 years ago

The biggest letdown about Intel’s TRIM support for RAID 0 in SSD arrays was that it only worked in Intel 7- Series motherboards. However 2 members in Anandtech forum Dufus and Fernando 1 were able to modify the RAID OROM so that at-least motherboards with Intel Z68 and P67 chipset- can support TRIM in RAID 0 SSD setups unofficiallyand it worked!!

They used ASUS P67 EVO motherboard using 11.6 OROM and Intel RST 11.2 driver. There was no modification done on the OS (Windows 7 SP1 64-Bit)- and it was tested with 2X 60GB Agility 3 and Vertex 4 RAID 0 by using 8X 1GiB of incompressible data for testing TRIM.

Anandtech’s Kristian Vatto also did the same with ASROCK Z68 Pro 3 and a 120GB Corsair Neutron and 120GB Neutron GTX, the reason being that his SSD drives were abused with a lot of Random Writes, making it as an ideal candidate for testing this modified OROM. According to him, he was able to achieve the same.

The possibility of having a TRIM support is only limited to Z68 and P67 platform alone, but its disappointing that since the test results with 2 different setups and 3 different SSD in RAID 0 was able to support TRIM, Intel didn’t provide the official support for it.

Why? Maybe they deemed its a waste of time? Or was it to provide a reason for end users to ditch 6- Series boards for 7- Series so that they can get this feature?

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