TRIM now possible on RAID SSD set ups

/ 5 years ago

It is something that has plagued enthusiasts for a long time – the fact TRIM just doesn’t function in a RAID set up, meaning RAID set ups because sluggish after a year’s use (there or thereabouts).

SSDs have a limited number of write cycles, this being their greatest weakness. Over time, constant use leads to a drop in performance. TRIM is a special technology, a software command of sorts, which deletes the data sectors used by solid-state drives for erased data, thus restoring lost cycles to usability.

This is why most NAS set ups these days utilise mechanical hard drives. Anyway the good news is that Microsoft’s Windows 8 allows for TRIM to perform in RAID set ups. But as with all things in life, there’s a fair amount of criteria that needs to be fulfilled before it will work.

“First off, the hardware needs to be based on an Intel 7-Series chipset (Z77 express, H77, etc). Secondly, the RAID BIOS (Option ROM) needs to be version 11.5 or higher. Thirdly, the setup also relies on Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RTS) 11.5 or better. ”

With this move we really hope it won’t be long before the advantages of SSD RAID is brought to all RAID types as well as NAS and multi-drive enclosures.


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