Trinity arrives in HP G4-2000 series notebooks

/ 6 years ago

AMD is due to introduce its second-generation APUs for the notebook and desktop markets later this year. HP have already started listing a new line of notebooks that feature AMD’s Trinity APUs. The HP Pavilion g4-2000 Notebook PC series will feature two entry level models that use AMD’s Trinity. Both feature the A6-4400M. The A6-4400M will run off the latest A70 chipset, supporting DDR3 1600MHz memory and we expect from the listing that the dual core A4-4400M will run at 2.6GHz stock and 3GHz turbo. The graphics featured are the HD 7520G, which will be the next generation of APU graphics so expect a nice performance boost. With regards to the clock speeds, they are about 15% higher than the fastest Llano dual core APU but we know that faster clock speed on AMD’s latest 32nm CPUs doesn’t necessarily mean faster performance so we will have to wait and see what kind of performance it brings. It seems likely the A6-4400M will be a 35W TDP APU package.

Source: HP

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