Trucks of the Future May Be Almost Completely Autonomous

/ 3 years ago

Future truck 2

Are you a HGV Driver? Ever wanted to be one? Well your time is running out, sorry if you are a HGV driver, Mercedes-Benz have developed the “Future Truck 2025,” which Mercedes says is the first self-driven freight vehicle. It may seem completely illogical right now, but the hands-off idea is aimed at eliminating human error.

Special sensors are placed all around the truck for 360 degree spacial awareness, which is obviously critical for the system to function efficiently and safely. The sensors include specially designed cameras and radar. Mercedes also boast that the computerized controls will increase driving efficiency, which is always a good thing!

Future truck 1

Many of the component parts to put a vehicle like this into production are already available in trucks on the market: Systems that help drivers keep their distance from other drivers, active braking assistance, guidance and mapping systems and fine-tuned cruise control.

The “Future Truck 2025” can monitor itself along a road and realize if someone has moved in front of it, the truck will then slow down to make sure it doesn’t hit the other car. It won’t attempt an overtake on it’s own, this must be done by a driver.

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So all in all, Mercedes have developed an autonomous HGV that increases driving efficiency and minimizes human error but still requires there to be drivers in the truck for it to switch lanes etc. These drivers will be known as “transport managers.”

Mercedes hope to have these vehicles everywhere by 2025.

Thanks to CNN for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of CNN.

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