True Mouse Control for Dark Souls Finally Available With New Mod Fix

/ 8 months ago

True Mouse Control for Dark Souls Finally Available With New Mod Fix

Dark Souls is one of the most popular game series to have come out in recent years, and also happens to be one of the most frustratingly difficult games to play.  Unfortunately for PC gamers, it is doubly frustrating and infuriating because of the lack of proper mouse and keyboard controls. Users who wish to play it well would have to resort to using console-style controllers. That is until the DSMfix came out which emulated mouse input but emulation is hardly optimal. A new mouse fix has finally surfaced for Dark Souls however which improves upon DSMfix and finally provides true raw mouse input without having to emulate controller input. This ensures that whatever movement the mouse makes is recorded, therefore there are no acceleration or smoothing issues usually associated with emulated input. This mod fix injects raw mouse input directly into the Dark Soul’s camera functions.

Features added with fix:

  • True raw mouse input without controller emulation
  • No additional smoothing or acceleration
  • Flexible options such as individual horizontal and vertical sensitivities for camera movement and bow aiming
  • Allows any action to be bound to any mouse button, the mouse wheel or keyboard key
  • UI Auto Cursor mode that enables and disables the cursor whether a menu is open or not
  • Improved target switching
  • Includes a GUI for easy configuration
  • Compatible with DSFix
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This works with latest, fully patched Steam version. However, it is still technically in beta but improvements are coming in fast as people report the bugs they find on the Reddit thread for the fix. The latest version as of writing this article is version 1.2 and known issues include:

  • There have been reports that sometimes the character moves without input after exiting lock-on. If you are experiencing this, please use the new movement keybindings introduced in Beta 1.2 and test whether that fixes the problem.
  • I’m also aware of an issue with borderless fullscreen, which sometimes causes the cursor not correctly being captured again after switching out of the game. At the moment I cannot tell what the cause is, because I cannot reliably reproduce it and when the mouse is captured correctly, everything works as intended as long you don’t switch out of the game again.

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