Trump Supporters Claim Twitter Accounts Are Being Banned

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Twitter banning Trump Supporters

Whether they like it or not, one of Twitters most popular and famous users is the US President, Donald Trump. Utilising the social media site, he has quickly garnered a significant number of followers. Some fans, some critics. In fairness to him, he does seem to be an active and regular user of the website. Not bad for someone over seventy.

The President has even gone as far as to claim that Twitter was a major factor in his successful Presidential campaign.

Some of his supporters, however, are currently concerned with the state of Twitter.

It’s no secret that in recent months, Twitter has been significantly changing its terms of usage. The most recent change saw the banning or removal of ‘verified’ status from many accounts. Most of which, I don’t think it unfair to say were ‘right-wing’ with many critics emphasizing the lack of such ‘purges’ to similarly controversial ‘left-wing’ users.

The latest accusations, however, come from Trump supports who claim the social media site is banning or more accurately, restricting their accounts.

US Library of Congress Ends Twitter Archiving Project

Are they right?

Well, it depends on your terminology of ‘banned’. The report via the Independent has found supporters who claim that although their accounts are not being outright banned, their posts are not being shared. As such, they feel that they are being “shadowbanned”. This is a term used for when you are banned or blocked without knowing or being told.

Shadowbanning is a long-held but unconfirmed, conspiracy against Twitter. Many users feel that the social media site deliberately restricts Twitter posts of users it does not approve of. This is mostly felt to be of a political nature or motivation. It might even explain the temporary deletion of Donald Trump’s account.

Twitter has always denied the existence of any “shadowbanning”, however, has admitted it may block or ban any posts which violate its terms.

What do you think? Is Twitter over censoring Trump supporters? Is the social media site too political for its own good? Conspiracy theory nuts at work? – Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I think twitter are doing something great here!

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