Trump Takes Hands Off Approach to Self-Driving Car Regulation

/ 4 months ago

Trump Takes Hands Off Approach to Self-Driving Car Regulation

It is well-known that as a businessman, President Trump is not a big fan of regulations. Which is why it is not that surprising that his administration is taking a “hands off” approach when it comes to regulating autonomous vehicles.

Trump and Obama Shares Deregulatory Approach

The white house released a document recently entitled “Automated Systems Driving 2.0”, which offers no more than recommendations for car manufacturers, technology companies, and state regulators about how to handle self-driving cars. The approach is actually similar to what the previous Obama administration had in mind as well. The new document is more or less an updated document that the previous administration already drafted.

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Trump Takes Hands Off Approach to Self-Driving Car Regulation

The new document is a lighter version of Obama’s 15-point recommendation plan. It drops some aspects of privacy protection, but otherwise, it remains largely unchanged. The reasoning of both administration is that premature regulation could stifle the innovation of this revolutionary technology.

Trump has yet to assign a director for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Which is most likely why this document appears to be more of a placeholder than an actual plan. It is also likely that the NHTSA is waiting for Congressional guidance on the matter. The administration can make adjustments later on, so they are keeping that line open.

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