The Truth About Windows 10 Annual Fees

/ 2 years ago

windows 10 fees

The internet has been awash with rumours ever since Microsoft announced that Windows 7 and 8.1 users will be eligible for free upgrade to Windows 10 within one year of the new operating system’s release, with the talk being that Microsoft will charge annual subscription fees beyond that one-year, making the upgrade far from free. Those rumours have now been tackled by Gabriel Aul, the Engineering General Manager for Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group, in a clarification on Twitter.

Twitter user @OjJanne tweeted Microsoft, concerned that the statement “free for a year” could “[leave] the door open for annual fees later”. Aul (@GabeAul), who was not tagged in the tweet, responded with a categorical statement: “Please allow me to close that door for you: No annual fee for Windows 10.”

Aul later linked to the FAQ section on the official Windows site, which deals with the “free” upgrade explicitly:

Is the upgrade really free?

Yes, it’s free. This is a full version of Windows, not a trial or introductory version. It is available for a limited time:  you have one year from the time Windows 10 is available to take advantage of this offer.

Windows 10 is released on 29th July 2015, at which point Windows 7 and 8.1 users (minus Enterprise users) will have until 29th July 2016 to claim their free upgrade to the new OS. Microsoft estimates that the Windows 10 upgrade should take around an hour to install.

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10 Responses to “The Truth About Windows 10 Annual Fees”
  1. Brendan Forkner says:

    i was aware of how this worked but many werent. as someone who works in retail selling windows based PCs, i hope everyone picks up on it!

  2. COMMICZAR says:

    Too many looking for a catch , suspicious lot that they are 🙂

    • Matthew Beckett says:

      It’s MS there’s a catch somewhere…

      • DABhand says:

        There is no catch, it comes down to simply this.

        With Linux and the new Steam OS are now starting to gain popularity, MS wants to be able to keep that share of the OS being used by PC owners.

        Asking people to pay for Windows 10 after Windows 8 and 8.1 not doing so well, would have been the death knell of a downward spiral of Windows, games are now being released more for Linux users (several recent titles are Linux compatible) as of course the new Steam OS.

        So it is just down to common sense to give it for free to legitimate people.

        • Michael Harlan Petersen says:

          The catch is that you don’t have the same feature control. From what I read you can’t turn off or put windows update on manual mode. Also, assuming i understood what they meant, the “turn on or off windows features” menu will be gone.

          • DABhand says:

            I do believe you read wrong, any revision of windows 10 I have been using the last year or so always allowed you to set to manual updates if you want.

        • Michael Harlan Petersen says:

          Oh and unless they have changed it after the technical build I used was released, cortana searches through bing and can’t be changed.

        • Matthew Hann says:

          They seem to be going the way of free platforms with subscription services. Xbox and Xbox live, Office and Office 365. I’m sure that Windows 10 will be free to use as a platform for all their other services. If you aren’t running a Microsoft system, why would you buy Microsoft software?

      • Gboss says:

        I think the whole point is that there is no catch. In fact I think the catch is that people feel like Microsoft is doing this for the consumer but they aren’t. They probably realized that by supporting so many different products they require more developers, more expenses and thus this move will save them money. Michael Harlan, from what I heard you are correct but as I understood it, only the home version would auto update, the other versions allow you to schedule updates whenever you choose. I think that has more to do security. The average user doesn’t have a good grasp on the importance of security updates and ignores them so maybe its more convenient to auto update on the free home version. Again I think this is to normalize / stabilize their platforms, they really WANT everyone to do this for thier own benefit

    • Porkalicious says:

      It’s a company with strong connections to things like NSA and other rich bastards. So of course we are suspicious. If it sounds too good, then there’s something you sacriifice. It’s an universal law, you know. You can’t go one way without sacrificing going the other way in the process.

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