TSMC already preparing for sub-28nm production

/ 6 years ago

Although 28nm are not even entirely out yet, TSMC is already working on third and fourth production lines in Fab 15 hoping the facilities will be up and running by 2013.

The outfit is planning to start 300mm wafer production in Q1 2012, while the second line should start pilot production of 28nm chips in 2012 and the first line is expected to churn out 50,000 wafers a month once production is ramped up. According to TSMC CEO Morris Chang, the 28nm chip output will hit 24,000 wafers by Q3.

The Fab 15 on the other hand will deal with 20nm products, but it still has a long way to go before the production starts.

For the moment, the 28nm process is the centre of attention and it will remain to be so for 2012 as a lot of products featuring this process have yet to be released. As for AMD’s APU, they won’t receive the 28nm ‘treatment’ any time soon.


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