Tt eSPORTS and “Tastosis” Reach Partnership Agreement

/ 5 years ago

In the E-Sports biz, its not always the gamers that are popular and always hit the limelight. Being a competent commentator during big matches is vital for those watching and Nick ‘Tasteless’ Plott along with Dan ‘Artosis’ Stemkoski are two of the best going, collectively known as ‘Tastosis’. That pair have been working together for the last three years to provide some of the most enriched commentaries going in E-Sports to millions of viewers worldwide.

Tt eSports along with eSports Management Group are today announcing a formal partnership with the pair, with sponsorship and endorsement of their knowledge in the field to help bring product development to a whole new level in 2013. The team will be featured in a line of licensed products that span across mice, keyboards and headsets to give unrivalled experience to gamers all over.

Following the agreement, Eric Brinkley, Global Esports Community Manager for Tt eSports stated: “Being first and foremost a huge fan of Tastosis through my time as a viewer of their widely popular GSL Code-S entertainment experience, I am thrilled at the prospect of working with Nick and Dan to further our product development and encourage the growth of E-Sports world-wide. It will be my distinct pleasure to accommodate them in providing countless hours of joy and entertainment to millions of people around the globe. There is good reason why they are 2 of the most influential and essential people in the E-Sports scene and I hope with our partnership, both brands in Tt eSPORTS and Tastosis continue to grow and prosper.”

He followed: “I am super excited to be working with Tt eSPORTS to develop products suitable for both competitive and casual use,” said Artosis, “and I hope that this partnership will become a huge connection between a premier gaming peripherals brand and players, fans and personalities as we all work together to bring more growth and prosperity into the E-Sports scene.”

Tastosis will heading off to Las Vegas later this month where at the IGN Pro League % event they will be giving their audience the commentary that they are after in the Global Starcraft League Code-S finals.

Source: Press Release

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