Tt eSPORTS Debut VOLOS Gaming Mouse and CRONOS Gaming Headset

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Tt eSPORTS have just come to market with a duo of new gaming peripherals. Firstly they have released the new VOLOS gaming mouse which targets MOBA/MMORPG gamers. This mouse uses three side buttons on the right side, two on the bnack leftr and four on the front left in additional to the top buttons. This gives you 14 keys to program and you can use the provided software to create up to 10 profiles for a total of 140 different macros. Tt eSPORTS have also provided a function lock switch to disable macros against accidental presses. Tt eSPORTS claim the colourful design makes it easier to determine which button you want to press, though to me it just looks like an Xbox controller rip-off. There are customisable weights and LED lighting with the usual 16.8  million colour options for the LEDs. You can customise the LEDs on the left click, scroll wheel, DPI indicator and dragon logo. Expect a price tag of USD$69.99.Tt_eSPORTS_CRONOS_2

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Next up is the CRONOS gaming headset which will be made available in black or white and comes with LED lighting on the ear cups. The headset comes with cables that allow it to be used on both PC and on mobile handsets. There is a LYCRA head-pad design for comfort and the microphone is both “bendable” and “pivotable”. A USB connection is provided and the cable is going to be fully braided. The suggested retail price is USD$59.99 and availability is from mid July for the black CRONOS and August for the white CRONOS.#

Images courtesy of Tt eSPORTS

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  • d6bmg

    About the mouse: This is what happens when one tires to copy xbox controller’s button design into a mouse.

    • d6bmg

      Although the headset design looks pretty ok to me.

      • d6bmg

        Personally I’m a bit skeptical about the white & red combo.

  • Wayne

    I don’t wanna sound rude but they can give that mouse to somebody else to test.


    Thought that mouse was a bad photoshop job…haha. lolwut is that thing..

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