Tt eSports has let their monster loose!

/ 6 years ago

Tt eSports, a Thermaltake sub-brand specializing in gaming peripherals has once again released a product that will find its place in no other hands than that of the gamers: the Battle Dragon Bag!

No real introduction to the product is needed, we can see that it’s the travel bag with which Tt eSports have hosted a contest…which I didn’t win, and I’m sadder now than before, since this bag looks awesome!

Its principal use comes to no surprise, neither do its features, for what else could a bag by a gaming company do other than carry your gaming gear around? The bag in itself is divided into a lot of individual compartments for each type of peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, headset, and even a laptop. On the front you can find two external pockets for more storage.

This bag allows for three different modes of carrying: backpack, shoulder bag or the simple carry by hand. For all of these modes you have padded straps and the back of the bag is also padded for a confortable prolonged and intensive use.

Here are the specifications from the product’s page:

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Polyester & Nylon
  • Maximum Weight: 41 kg / 90 lb
  • Dimensions: 35cm(W) x 57cm(L) x 25cm(H) which converts into 13.7″(W) x 22.4″(L) x 9.8″(H)

The Tt eSPORTS bag will have a RRP of £39.


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  • Leo Bien Durana

    Monstrous maximum weight load! Maybe a boothbabe can fit inside, lol

  • SJTelford

    Yeh Leo, I nearly want to test that max weight load out, but don't want to break it…

  • gaetan

    well it's made to carry gaming gear, and I think the only thing that won't fit is a Level 10, and that's assuming you good even lift it of the ground :p

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