TteSPORTS Level 10 M Advanced Gaming Mouse Review

A Closer Look

The mouse comes hard-wired with a very nice quality black braided cable, which is sure to add to the overall lifespan of the cable, but also does a great job at improving the aesthetics.

A minor touch, but one I really like, is this custom moulded USB header, as it not only looks cool, but it also has a dust cap on the end and a little attachment to ensure you don’t lose the cap between uses; this is great if you tend to travel to a lot of gaming events as it can help keep things in good order.

The Level 10 M is certainly a uniquely designed mouse, and while it is predominantly a gaming mouse, it certainly has an air of professionalism about it that wouldn’t look too out of place in an office. The durable coating on the panels looks as if the mouse was carved from polished granite, and it feels wonderful to hold too.

Down the left side of the mouse, you’ve got the A and B buttons, which are simply the forward and back controls by default, but since the mouse is fully programmable, it’s completely up to you what you do with them. There’s also a DPI/profile selector that’s really cool, as you can change profiles by clicking it like a button, or change DPI by jogging it forward or back with your thumb, allowing more commands with fewer buttons to improve usability, now that’s the kind of innovation I want to see more of!

Down the right side, a nice ergonomic grip point that works well for fingertip and palm rest grip types, and behind that, a little look at the inner workings of the mouse, adding another cool aesthetic touch.

The LMB and RMB are mounted on separate panels for more precise control and one thing I really like is that the DPI indicator is built right into the RMB top panel, it’s certainly a unique placement.

The scroll wheel is quite small in relation to the rest of the mouse, but it’s mounted sturdily and has no wobble to it, a well-defined click and a very grippy rubber coating for added control.

At the back of the mouse, you’ll notice a recessed screw, which can be used to adjust the height of the mouse.

Simply pop in the included tool and turn it to raise or lower the panel height.

Here you can see it jacked all the way up.

Or bring it down for a much lower design, perfect for fine tuning the shape of the mouse to your grip type.

On the base of the mouse, you’ll find four absolutely huge slipmats, with more Teflon surface area that you see on virtually any other mouse, it’s no wonder the 10 M glides so well on any surface.

The software is nicely designed, giving you quick and easy access to the powerful macro engine, RGB lighting control, sensor customization, profiles and much more. All the buttons are fully programmable with a few simple clicks, meaning you can set your favourite profiles up in very little time.

There is a full RGB colour selector and three lighting zones on the mouse or can enable battle mode, which allows the lighting to respond to your  inputs.

Finally, we’ve got a good range of sensor performance adjustments, allowing you to set up to four DPI levels from 100, right up to a whopping 16,000DPI for extreme tracking speeds; very handy for rapid turning and map navigation while gaming. Angle ssnapping can be turned off, and while it’s off by default, it’s staying off for our testing; does anyone really want it anyway? The lift-off height can be adjusted to suit your gaming surface/play styel, but even at mid settings, it feels pretty low, so it’s really down to you how you need it.

The sensor performance is exactly how I expected it to be, flawless. It works incredibly smooth all the way through the DPI range, and even when you’re using the boosted 16k DPI modes, there’s very little jitter, but at those tracking speeds, fine point accuracy is not a required skill.

The combination of durable build quality, excellent glide, a smooth sensor, and those lovely switches makes the Level 10 M Advanced a deadly weapon for any gaming scenario. It’s nimble despite having a weighted design, making it great for fast paced shooters, the tactile and responsive clicks are great fun for MOBA style gaming and the comprehensive macro engine makes it very capable in MMO based gaming.

The LED lighting is a very nice touch, showing off the left click, as well as the Tt Dragon and scroll wheel very nicely. Even better, you can set colours to all three zones per profile, making it very easy to see which you have selected at a glance, a nice feature to had mid-game.

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