Turn Any Watch “Smart” with Glance

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I bet there are a fair few people our there that want a smart watch, but don’t want to swap our their current favourite time piece in favour of a garish looking LED display. Smart watches aren’t exactly cheap, and there is a good chance that if you’re a series watch wearer, that your current watch wasn’t exactly cheap either, so how can you get the best of both worlds? A new kickstarter project called Glance has the answer.

This tiny aluminium device snugs under your current watch, think of it more like an attachment. Which sounds uncomfortable, although the creators promise it isn’t. At just $70 plus shipping for Kickstarter backers, the Glance is much cheaper than rivals such as Pebble, without the need for a completely new watch, but its hardly lacking in features compared to its rivals. It packs a 3D motion sensor, Bluetooth 4.0, a high-contrast and somewhat tiny OLED display.

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It can show you incoming call notifications, read text messages via a scrolling readout system, respond to messages using a touch button or a shake gesture, which can relay pre-defined messages that are ideal for letting someone know you’re driving or in a meeting, without having to pick up your phone, making it incredibly discrete. It also features “air mouse” style controls for use on Smart TV’s or computers, tracking features, it’s waterproof, and it certainly sound interesting.

Head on over to the Kickstarter page for more details.

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