Turn Your Smartphone into a Polaroid Camera with Prynt

/ 3 years ago


A small French startup has revealed a prototype “shoot ‘n’ print” camera addon for smartphones called Prynt. The hardware has a built-in printer that receives photos from your handset via Bluetooth and prints them out directly, in the style of the classic Polaroid instant camera.

The prototype takes 50 seconds to print a single photo, one at a time, but the makers claim that the retail version will take less than 30 seconds after refinements to their hardware integration. The unit will hold 10-30 sheets of glossy photo-like paper and will fit any 4.x-inch-sized smartphone.

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Prynt has yet another unique selling point in its augmented reality feature. When the user takes a photo using Prynt, it can record a brief video just before the photo is snapped. That video is uploaded to the cloud and can be accessed by holding the corresponding photo up to the lens.

Clément Perrot, Prynt’s CEO, has announced that the addon will cost $99 through Kickstarter next year.

Source: TechCrunch

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