Turn Your Xbox One Into A Digital TV Tuner For $40

/ 3 years ago


Microsoft have just revealed the latest addition to their Xbox One console, further showing their efforts to become a dominating force in the living room. The USB to digital antenna adaptor will allow you to hook up your Xbox One to digital broadcasts such as Freeview here in the UK.

For around $40 US or  €29.99 the adaptor is a pretty simplistic looking bit of kit, which simply turns your TV signal from your aerial connection into something USB compatible, no doubt with some wibbly-wobbly digital trickery going on first within that little black box to convert the signal, rather than just the connection type.

The digital TV tuner just adds to the Xbox Ones range of home entertainment capabilities and could negate the need for a separate set to box, or even save you from having to switch out to your TVs built in tuner. This will also mean digital TV will be accessible via the other features, such as the split screen / tab interfaces while gaming on the console.

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The accessory will launch in the UK, France, Italy, German and Spain in late October this year. No details on other territories just yet, but it’s like more will be revealed on or around the time of Gamescom later this month.

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