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Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 Xbox Headset Review

A Closer Look & Performance

The headset looks pretty fantastic, and actually shares quite a few style points with the more expensive Stealth 700 Gen 2 headset too. It has the same curved back ear cup design with a split in the middle. It’s a lot more sleek and modern looking than the Stealth 600 Gen 1 (review here).

The new look is much less aggressive and much cleaner overall, I really like it. Plus,, that split in the mount is the pivot for the ear cups, ensuring you get a good clean fit every time.

It’s a nice design, as it allows for a much more compact mount of the headband, so the headset doesn’t look anywhere near as bulky as a result.

The Stealth 600 features a soft fabric ear cup padding with memory foam inserts. It’s very soft and comfortable. It’s very different from the thicker materials found on the Stealth 700. It is breathable, so it should prevent your ears from getting too warm.

It’s got a nice feel to it though, and it distributes the weight of the headset well. There’s also a softer section where the arm of your glasses would pass through it, so it doesn’t push the glasses into the side of your head, which is great!

Also, there’s a PU leather gasket that helps lock in the sound a little, so you get some of the benefits of a leather design too.

The ergonomics are excellent, although from past experience with many Turtle Beach headsets, they’ve had excellent ergonomics for many years now. The ear cups have a pivot to them, allowing you to fully turn them inwards. Great for wearing the headset around your neck between games, but also ensuring the ear cups fit evenly around your ears.

Younger gamers to my larger than average head, there’s more than enough range here to fit anyone really. The slider uses a friction system with a firm notch at each step.

Then you also have a soft rubber coated headband padding, which is soft enough to balance the headset, but also grips a little to prevent it sliding around on your head.

The headset uses the much-loved Turtle Beach 50mm drivers, and as you might expect, they sound fantastic. They come backed up with some pretty punchy amplification from the built-in processor, and you get all those lovely Turtle Beach technologies, such as their built-in profiles and SuperHuman Hearing mode, which is fantastic for competitive gaming. However, if you’re more of a music fan and like a bigger sound for your games, the bass/treble boost mode really packs a punch that’s sure to put a grin on your face.

The headset does a good job of blocking out ambient noise too, but it’s not completely soundproof. The closed-back drivers and the little gasket on the padding does work well though, helping tighten up the lower frequencies and giving this headset a hefty helping of low-end grunt.

The headset has all the controls you’re likely to need at your fingertips. There are separate volume wheels for chat and source mix, and you can monitor sidetone from the microphone too.

The mode button allows you to toggle through the EQ modes, which can be customised, but honestly, I find the default ones to be pretty excellent overall.

You get a 900mAh battery built-in, which is good for around 15 hours of use on a full charge. You can charge while you play too, if you’re ever in a pinch. However, with USB-C charging, it doesn’t take long to get it topped back up. There’s also a small pairing button here to sync it with your Xbox, or a USB Xbox Dongle if you’re using this on PC (sold separately)

There’s a cool built-in microphone for when it comes to chatting with your buddies, or in today’s world, one of those long work-related Zoom calls that could have been an email. The Gen 1 headset has a microphone sticking out the side, and it looks pretty dated by today’s standards. This new flush mount is much more appealing.

Fold it down and it’ll activate, fold it back up and it’ll auto-mute. Handy when you want to choose if your friend should or shouldn’t hear what you really think of them!

The microphone quality is pretty decent though, nothing revolutionary, but it provides a pretty clear and natural tone overall.

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