Twelve New Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots Revealed

/ 5 years ago


Just yesterday we brought you the news that Grand Theft Auto V would be coming to the PC platform according to some leaks. However, over the past few months there have been a lot of other developments with GTA V and if you have missed any of them then you can check them all out here. Today is a good day for Grand Theft Auto fans because Rockstar games has released 12 new screenshots for the upcoming blockbuster game hit. As with previous screenshots the graphics are looking very impressive indeed, with the dynamic lighting and water physics looking particularly “epic”. There are probably some embedded story line clues in all these pictures if you are willing to try and fit all the pieces together.

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If you want to see the screenshots at their native resolution then please click the source link. What are your thoughts on these gameplay screenshots?

Grand Theft Auto V is expected to launch on September the 17th on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and if rumours are anything to go by we will also see PC and Next-Gen console versions.











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