Twin Galaxies is Now Suing Billy Mitchell!

Billy Mitchell is certainly no stranger to the legal system. In fact, with the number of legal cases he’s issued over the years, it’s almost got to the point that many would (potentially – because I don’t want to get in trouble here) describe him as a ‘vexatious litigant’. Put simply, if you don’t have something nice to say about him (in a public forum) the chances are that he will, sooner or later, get his (presumably exceptionally busy) lawyer to send you a rather nasty letter. Want an example? Well, he sued Cartoon Network over the below-perceived representation of him in ‘Regular Show’ (he lost).

Now, in the past, these legal threats have often worked with many of his targets with them (more often than not) choosing to simply bend the knee. For example, it is still my entire belief that Guinness World Records only re-instated Billy Mitchell’s high scores and achievements because of threats of legal action he publically made against them. I have, incidentally, reached out to GWR on many occasions for clarification and after some tepid initial responses, it seems that I’m now being ignored. Whatever this ‘compelling new evidence’ was, they’re not telling me!

It seems, however, that in something that many would perceive to be long overdue, someone has now decided to fight fire with fire. Yes, Twin Galaxies is officially suing Billy Mitchell and, based on the evidence, they make an exceptionally compelling case!

Twin Galaxies Sues Billy Mitchell

Now, while Billy Mitchell is currently suing Twin Galaxies over defamation (after the removal of all his gaming high-scores from their website – click here for more information) it seems that this action has now prompted Twin Galaxies into issuing their own legal battle against Billy Mitchell.

Why? – Well, as you might expect, it’s complicated. Put simply though, the current owner of Twin Galaxies is alleging various practices of misrepresentation and fraud when Billy Mitchell, as a part-owner, sold Twin Galaxies back in 2014. Part of the suit alleges not only the deliberate misrepresentation of highscores and achievements (in order to artificially inflate the companies value) but also that Billy Mitchell and Walter Day (the other co-owner) used the business to pay off personal debts. And if you’re not aware, this is a huge legal no-no!

What Happens Now?

Well, with Twin Galaxies suing both Billy Mitchell and Walter Day for a figure in the region of $6m, and having an arguably unhealthy fascination with the recent history of all concerned, do they have a case? – Well, let’s just say I find their evidence and case far more compelling than Mr. Mitchell’s.

As with all legal matters, however, this is almost certainly going to be a long and lengthy event. So, put simply, don’t expect a quick resolution. If nothing else though, I heartily applaud Twin Galaxies for having the courage to take the fight back, and based on the apparent evidence presented, although I’m no legal expert, I’m more than a little curious to see how this turns out.

If you do, incidentally, want to learn more about this new legal case, you can check out the excellent video by YouTuber Karl Jobst below!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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