Twitter CFO: We Lost 4 Million Users Because of iOS 8 – Then Denies It

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In the last quarter, Twitter’s user base grew by 4 million – half of their predicted 8 million. So why was that? Well, during their earnings call, the company said it was because of Apple’s iOS 8. Yes, apparently a ‘bug’, or at least a change in the way iOS 8 handled Twitter, meant that their growth figures were lower than expected.

CFO Anthony Noto said that “an unforeseen bug” caused the loss of users. The big question is – how? Well he said that 1 million of that 4 million either simply didn’t log back into Twitter after updating to iOS 8 or they forgot their passwords (what this has to do with iOS 8 we don’t know). He then said the other 3 million were lost because iOS 8 had what they called a “bug” that meant the reader function in Safari no longer included Twitter.

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If you like the rest of us can’t understand that, it seems Twitter doesn’t anymore either. They since tweeted this bellow, saying that the issue was their fault and not Apple’s fault.

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2 Responses to “Twitter CFO: We Lost 4 Million Users Because of iOS 8 – Then Denies It”
  1. Rod Rodi says:

    …still baffled at how Twitter makes gobs and gobs of money…. #Hmmm?

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