Twitter Officially Announces the Commercial Buy Button

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It has been rumoured and hinted in various ways for a while, and now it has become a hard fact. Twitter is introducing the Buy Button into their page and mobile apps. It will just be tested on a “small percentage of U.S. users” to begin with, but the test group will grow as the function matures. The start-up test-phase will feature some selected test partners, and their products will now be able to be bought directly from the tweets about them. Twitter is calling it the next big thing.

While the demonstration video below shows and tells that your payment information will be stored safely and secure, we all know that in the end there isn’t such a thing. I personally rather enter them each time than trust them to Twitter on a permanent basis, and luckily it looks like that’s an option too. That said, the information will be stored and transferred with encryption and not forwarded to the seller, the same way PayPal does it for example.

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The starting partners for this new function are Fancy, Gumroad, Musictoday and Stripe, with more to follow soon. The new Buy Button will allow you to purchase a tweeted product with just a few finger-tap on the screen. It’s so simple, the product is ordered and will be shipped to you soon. Convenience and impulse shopping here we come.

This is another attempt to dig deeper into the growing market and amount of users that connect from a mobile devices. The normal browser platform isn’t even mentioned in the statement, but I’m sure Twitter won’t skip out on that market, as it will be sure to make profits for them.

Thank you Twitter for providing us with this information

Image and video courtesy of Twitter.

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