Twitter to Re-open Unrestricted Private Messaging

/ 2 years ago


We all know that the internet isn’t always as nice as we’d like it to be and Twitter can be the perfect example of just that, with people not always being the kindest of folks to their fellow users. But now Twitter have now re-opened opt-in unrestricted private messaging for all users, meaning that anybody can send you a private message even without following them.

If this sounds familiar to some of you, it’s because Twitter did the exact same thing almost two years ago with a mixture of responses, with some feeling it was a useful feature by allowing them to connect easier with others, but others worried about the level of spam or abuse they were now subject to. The initial “experiment” was short-lived, however, with the company removing the feature after just over a month of releasing it.

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Now the social media giant is back and ready to roll out the feature once again, open to all those who dare to use it. Whether or not the feature will be here to stay or whether it’ll just be another observation by twitter remains unknown as of yet, but it can be expected that we’ll see the same level of split opinions as before.

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