Twitter Reacts to David Cameron’s Encryption Ban Plan

/ 2 years ago

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron gestures as he delivers a speech on the economy, in Nottingham

On Monday, UK Prime Minister David Cameron announced plans to essentially ban end-to-end internet encryption and to grant British intelligence access to any part of the web they choose if his Conservative party is re-elected in May.

Cue Twitter to mock, protest, and express absolute incredulity at the clueless politician:

Cameron seems to think that end-to-end encryption is a nefarious tool only used by “terrorists”, either ignorant of the fact that the post-internet world runs on encryption – every international transaction his banker friends makes relies on such protocols – or appealing to the implied ignorance of the British public. With an election looming, the latter seems most likely.

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Source: Techcrunch

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  • Evan Warnock

    sadly it is what it is. They keep taking our freedoms, but saying THEIR allowed them. We will do NOTHING, as always… RIP humanity, we had a good run…

  • Gboss

    This will NEVER happen just saying

  • Jordan Kytyn Benns

    inb4 v for vendetta

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