Twitter: Still Losing Money And Starting To Get Desperate

/ 4 years ago


After news leaked that Twitter still isn’t profitable, the radical changes we’ve seen to their interface have started to make sense when you look at it from a business perspective. Twitter has been rapidly growing as a company, hiring hundreds of new members of staff, purchasing new offices to operate from and then purchasing new companies to expand their own business further, which in turn should then lead to higher profits.

Their records have shown losses over $300m for the first quarter of 2013, which could be the result of insane amounts of purchases that have been made as a long term investment.

Twitter has also been taking leaps into the footsteps of Facebook by copying over several of their features into their own web and twitter apps in an attempt to catch up to the booming, profitable and head of the household daddy of social networking. These updates, which are usually unwelcomed by Twitter users (such as myself), have been rolling out for around a year or so which have slowly changed the face of the once laid back platform.

The most recent change has forced image previews to be shown on your timeline which has led to a whole new level of annoying your friends such as uploading crude images. Thankfully Twitter has allowed their app users to turn off the image previews, but the original website users (which hit around 190 million unique monthly) still don’t have the option.

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Thanks to Mashable for the information!

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