Two Different Galaxy S6 Models Appear Side-by-Side in Leak

/ 2 years ago

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Over the last few days, we’ve seen a number of leaks concerning Samsung’s next flagship phone. While Samsung itself and T-Mobile both teased images of a device with a curved display on both sides, we’ve seen ‘leaks’ revealing other models, without the curved edges. So what is this mysterious model without the fancy display? Some have suggested it could be an earlier prototype, while others have said it could be a cheaper model.


Well now we seemingly have confirmation that there are two different models, namely a standard Galaxy S6 and a Galaxy S6 Edge. One looks like a pretty standard Samsung phone and the other looks like the Note Edge on steroids. The images show a front and rear view of the two devices, due to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress on March 1st.

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The question now is, beyond the curved screen, is there any difference between the two? Specs? Price?

Source: xda-developers 

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