U.S. Immigration and Customs Agency to test Blackberry 10

/ 5 years ago

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will be starting a program early next year to test the new line of software of RIM’s Blackberry 10 on its own networks. After knowing of this development, RIM’s share shot up to more than 6% this Thursday morning and had the highest close in more than 7 months.


RIM, once a leader in the smartphone industry lost significant market share because of Android’s presence and Apple’s iPhone. Even the BB phone users have switched sides. So with the hope of persuading both corporations and government users to stick with Blackberry devices or at least come back to them, ICE, one of the potential customers would be evaluating the phone’s strong security features. RIM assures that BB 10 OS is much more smooth compared to the previous versions.

It was only last month when Blackberry won Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 certification well before the launch; a certification that Blackberry won for the first time. It’s because of this certification, that many security-conscious enterprise clients will find it comforting that smartphones with BB 10 OS are being properly secured and encrypted.

Source: Reuters

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