U.S Lawmakers Saw NSA Surveillance Breaks Law

/ 5 years ago


According to IT News several members of the United States House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, from both republican and democratic political orientations, have stated that the NSA’s surveillance and bulk collection of data does in fact violate the Patriot Act and its restrictions.

The Patriot Act has been the main legislation used to justify the NSA’s PRISM program and mass surveillance yet the United States House of Representatives Judiciary Committee says this should not be the case because the Patriot Act is restricted to antiterrorism investigations only.

“We never, at any point in this debate, have approved the type unchecked, sweeping surveillance of United States citizens employed by our government,” said Representative John Conyers. 

Furthermore, they have called for a stop to surveillance programs if the government does not provide a clear legal explanation of how things work. Even the original author of the Patriot Act Jim Sensenbrenner stated that the U.S government has overstepped the limits of such legislation. There have been calls by many within the USA to bring the Patriot Act’s end date forward to stop its widespread exploitation for surveillance purposes.

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