Uber Shuts Down in Three Important German Cities

/ 2 years ago

uber shuts down in three german cities

Remember when Uber got banned by a German court because it was using unlicensed taxi drivers? Well, even though the company eventually made things right with Germany and was allowed to operate within some of its most important cities, recent reports point out that things are not looking good at all for this transportation network company. To be more specific, Uber has shut down its operations in Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Hamburg, which means that only Berlin and Munich still benefit from its services. But why would Uber shut down in these major German cities? Well, it looks like it has something to do with finding drivers, especially since these drivers need to have valid taxi licenses.

“For many prospective Uber drivers, the process of registering an independent rental car enterprise has proved as too costly and time consuming.”

However, Uber’s representatives have stated that they plan to “intensify the dialogue” with Germany’s authorities in order to be able to return to these cities in the future. Things are uncertain for Uber in Germany right now, especially since such a large company was supposed to expand its presence in the country and not diminish it in order to ensure its long-term success.


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