Ubisoft: DRM Can’t Stop Piracy – No S**t Sherlock

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It seems that after a long period of “braindeadism” game publishers are finally waking up to the fact that DRM does not stop piracy. DRM is no barrier to piracy, skilled “game pirates” like Skidrow, Reloaded, Razor1911, Codex and R.G Mechanics (to name but a few) see DRM as a small annoyance to be overcome with a crack. Once that annoyance is overcome it is a case of let the piracy continue as normal, and in most cases the DRM annoyance has been dealt with before the game even officially launches.

Ubisoft are the latest game publisher to realise that DRM is a bad thing. As they so rightly say DRM often results in “punishing a paying player for what a pirate can get around.” Instead Ubisoft state they are looking to offer services and benefits to gamers that give them a reason not to pirate including better quality and more compelling games but also value-added online services that wouldn’t be available to pirates – whether Ubisoft have yet to deliver on that pledge is another matter entirely. Of course, here’s to hoping that “online services” doesn’t mean some kind of SimCity-style always online mechanism but Ubisoft have a point. In 2012 Ubisoft dropped its controversial DRM system and since then they require only that users connect to the internet once when they first install their game. The move was applauded throughout the PC gaming community.

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What do you think about DRM in games?

Source: GameSpot

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