Ubisoft Offers Free R6 Siege Skin When 2FA Security is Enabled

For Your Own Good

Ubisoft is encouraging users to enable two-factor authorization (2FA) measures to secure their accounts. They are doing this by offering a free skin through their popular Rainbow Six Siege game. Enabling 2FA is purely optional and it is not exactly as straightforward as other authentication measures.

After all, Ubisoft uses Google authenticator, which requires users to download and install a separate app on their mobile device. This app must be validated by then synchronizing it with your Uplay account. The free item is Thermite’s exclusive in-game skin bundle, and 2FA security is mandatory for ranked PC games.

Why is Ubisoft Doing This?

The company obviously wants to further strengthen their security measures, especially after the massive data breach five years ago affecting them.  Approximately 58 million accounts were exposed, although thankfully the payment details were safe.

However even to this day, many users get sketchy access notifications. In fact, I received one myself just last week. It let me know that somebody from Indonesia is playing in my Uplay account, even though I live halfway around the world.

Enticing users with a free skin is also an interesting way to promote both better security and Rainbow Six Siege itself. Also, accounts sold in the digital black market are often for testing hacks and cheats.

How Do I Enable Two-Factor Authentication on my Ubisoft Account?

Changes must be made by logging into your Ubisoft account management page first. From there select the 2-step Verification tile and scroll down to the 2-step verification subsection.

After enabling, Ubisoft will first verify your e-mail by sending a message. From there, the user must open the provided link in order to start the 2FA process.

The user will need to login again, after which they will need to download the Google Authenticator app via the iOS app store or the Google Play Store.

After installing the app, users have to open it then select Begin Setup. A QR code and/or numerical code shows up on the Ubisoft website so that users can synchronize the app to their servers.

Next, six recovery codes show up on screen. The user must store for future reference. These codes are necessary in case somebody takes over your account.

Once the Uplay servers detect that 2FA is on, the Thermite skin will appear automatically in-game.

Ron Perillo

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