Ubuntu Edge Falls Short of $32 Million Target, Still Pleased With Publicity

/ 4 years ago


After the first few days of excitement died down no one really expected Canonical’s Ubuntu Edge smartphone to ever reach the $32 million target. Despite the efforts of everyone involved the IndieGoGo funding project made $12.8 million of its $32 million target making it the biggest crowd-funding project in history despite it falling well short of its target.

Canonical invested a serious amount of time and effort into the Ubuntu Edge project and it wasn’t enough to get the project off the ground. That said the Ubuntu Edge is far from finished, and while refunds are being issued for all backers, the actual project could and should still arrive to market next year in a similar form.

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The aim of the project was obviously to get the Ubuntu Edge off the ground and into production and even though that didn’t happen Ubuntu have successfully put their mobile OS out there in the market and the Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group has signed up some of the biggest network carriers to the project.

From 2014 Canonical states that we will see Ubuntu phones emerge, whether they include the Ubuntu Edge or not is of course something that will be revealed nearer the time. You can read the full closing announcement right here.

Image courtesy of Canonical (IndieGoGo)

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  • Andrew Fox

    Shows what happens when they get greedy. They should’ve just aimed for $10m or $15m, then they would have something to fund the phone development. Now they have nothing.

    • Valeriu Steel Rod Crainic

      You obviously have no idea how much mobile phone manufacturing costs.

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