TikTok Concerns Raised Again As Committee Advises People to Remove the App!

I rather enjoy having the TikTok app on my smartphone. Not because I’m any kind of content creator (because I’m not), but more so the fact that it has often provided me with a very convenient and often satisfying piece of entertainment when I occasionally get 10 minutes to kill. – Following a report via SkyNews, however, a UK foreign affairs committee has strongly advised people to remove it from all of their devices due to, basically, spying concerns.

Yep, it’s China again!

UK Committee Advises People to Remove TikTok!

We should start by noting that there is no actual evidence of any actual malicious data-harvesting or monitoring from TikTok’s Chinese owner. Similar to a lot of the controversy we saw with Huawei a couple of years ago, however, the key issue taken with the app is that the potential for it does appear to exist, and more so, could potentially allow unwanted parties to gain access to your device’s data.

“It is not worth having that vulnerability on your phone.

“It is not worth having that vulnerability on your phone. It is the ultimate data source for anyone with hostile efforts.” – Alicia Kearns MP

When asked specifically whether users should remove the app, the committee’s response was an incredibly blunt “without question.”. – Given that TikTok has over a billion users, however, somehow I don’t think these security concerns are going to see a mass exodus from the platform. And, incidentally, certainly not from me.

Then again, it’s not as if I do much on my smartphone to make it worth spying on in the first place!

What do you think though? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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