UK ISPs Will Filter Adult Content By Next Year

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According to a report by British ISPs will begin automatically filtering adult content from their services from 2014. Apparently the filter will not completely block adult content for everyone, in fact it is possible to turn off the filter for several hours at a time. They are trying to make filtering a standard across the industry that will affect both new and existing accounts. Apparently the filtering is going to be “auto-on” but can be turned off.

“We will have automatic put on, so if you turn the filter off at 9PM, it turns on again at 7AM,” Claire Perry MP said.

The filter is already causing outrage because even though it can be turned off when you want, people are questioning what right does the government have to choose what we can access and when we can access it. Many are suggesting that government should make the filter auto-off so that end-users can decide to turn it on if they so wish. Personally I think the government should just keep their noses out of our internet services because a whole range of questions pop up from this such as who decides what “adult content” is? We could easily see websites being wrongly blocked by such filters if the system isn’t intelligent enough.

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What are your thoughts on all of this?

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  • Ben

    *logs on to vpn*

    • d6bmg


  • Wayne

    It should be up to the parents to decide what is adult content. Unfortunately not all parents are capable of making such decisions, in fact some shouldn’t be parents at all but I digress. I agree, government should keep their noses out of such things, there are too many grey areas but you know how governments are.

  • Alex

    Reducing this to bare bones all I could think was “I don’t want to have to go through some page(s) of settings to have a wank”. I think auto on with the choice of permanent disabling or temporary disabling.

    • Lol I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately I couldn’t really write that!

  • computergenius

    lol just lol

  • d6bmg

    Stupidity.. Stupid people everywhere..

    • d6bmg

      And guys from UK, did you forgot tor? Or any other VPN? lol

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