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UK Retailer Creates a Ballot For New Xbox Series X/S Stock

It’s coming up for a month now since the Xbox Series X and S consoles were released and, if you were not lucky enough to get one successfully pre-ordered, then the chances are that you haven’t had much luck finding one since. Put simply, demand has been high, supply has been low, and scalpers looking to flip the systems for huge profit margins certainly hasn’t helped matters much either.

If you were, however, still hopeful that you might be able to get one of these new Xbox consoles before Christmas arrives, then for you in the UK, it seems that ‘Box‘ might be one of your best bets!

Box Launch Xbox Series X/S Ballot System!

Box, one of the UK’s biggest online tech and hardware retailers, has confirmed that they are set to receive fresh stock of both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S systems within the next week. To prevent an absolute mad scramble from users, however, they have taken a rather interesting step.

Rather than placing a pre-order for one of the consoles (which often results in a lot of F5 spamming of their website), they have instead launched a ‘ballot’ where, through the entering of some of your details (primarily your e-mail address) you will effectively have your name thrown into a hat and, if it is picked, you will be contacted for the opportunity to purchase your system.

While Box has not confirmed exactly how many Xbox Series X/S consoles they are receiving, one would think it would be substantial enough to warrant this kind of event. Albeit, it should be noted that part of the condition of ‘signing up’ for one of these systems is the requirement to start getting their newsletter. So maybe it’s actually a pretty smart bit of marketing on their part.

What Do We Think?

Yes, this isn’t a solution that is going to entirely prevent scalpers (with multiple e-mail addresses) looking to exploit this system. It does, however, likely represent your best and relatively fairest chances of getting one of the new Xbox consoles before Christmas. – If you do, therefore, want to throw your virtual hat in the ring, you can check out the links below for where to register your interest:

What do you think? Is this a better system for allocating new gaming consoles? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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