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UK Retailer Game Announce Further Job Cuts

UK Retailer Game Announce Further Job Cuts

Game has held a very unique position in the UK high-street for about 20 years. With a few exceptions, the stores have had an almost total monopoly on computer game sales. That isn’t for the want of independents stores, but from a mass retail stand-point, they are pretty much the only choice we have if we want a decent selection.

Following their collapse in 2012 though, the store was purchased and given a new lease of life. I haven’t, however, had much confidence in the store since it changed hands and have said, on more than one occasion, that I would be very surprised if they were still operating by Christmas. In a report via GamesIndustry, it seems that these concerns are not entirely unjustified as Game has announced plans to lay-off a number of staff members.

Lower Physical Sales

Firstly, the cuts are thought to only be affecting their head office. Therefore, for the moment at least, high-street workers need not be alarmed. The company has, however, reported a significant drop in physical sales and has said that the job cuts were entirely reflective of this as a means of restructuring their internal business practices. In other words, they’re saying ‘don’t panic!’.

Why I Dislike Game?

I was honestly very saddened when Game initially went under in 2012. The reasons though were patently clear. It’s no exaggeration to say that my local city had 5 (yes FIVE) Game stores. These included 3 stores under the ‘Game’ brand and two under the Gamestation brand. Considering that these were all owned by the same company, I think it’s fairly safe that a small(ish) city didn’t require this level of saturation.

Under new ownership, the first thing that happened was instances such as this were removed. Stores were closed and belts were tightened. That isn’t, however, my issue. My issue is that the staff have been required to turn into ‘used-car salesmen’. You can’t take a trip to a store now without being asked about signing up for something.

I honestly wish their staff all the best, but ultimately, I don’t think I’d be saddened to see Game go. If, for no other reason, than to highlight the failure of attempting to gouge their customers.

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Mike Sanders

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