UK Retailer Game To Start Stocking A Lot More Blu-Rays & DVD’s

/ 5 years ago

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It’s no big secret that games and movie go well together, or at least so long as your name isn’t Uwe Boll (zing!), but that is besides the point. Where ever one kind of disc based multimedia is sold, another is likely to sell just as well and with games consoles of this generation and the next set to consume everything from streaming media to Blu-Rays, it makes sense that Game is about to take new step into the world of entertainment. From 13th May GAME, the UK’s leading videogames retailer, will launch its biggest range of Blu-Ray and DVD titles to date.

Following the successful in-store trials with The Hobbit and Skyfall earlier this year, GAME is extending its movie offering. The full range will feature over 50 titles and include everything from some of the latest releases such as Life of Pi, Argo and Skyfall, to blockbusters including Kill Bill, Resident Evil and Avatar.

The move forms part of GAME’s strategy to deliver for all aspects of UK gamer lifestyles and reflects the diverse nature of the UK gaming community. No longer are games the reserve of teenage boys in their bedrooms: 82% of 8-65 year olds play games, 49% of gamers are now female and 18% of over 60’s game more than three times a week. Of course this will also be part of the strategy that makes them a lot more money, although it’s been clear for some time that the company is no longer having financial difficulties, so much so its even started expanding to new stores again this year.

Charlotte Knight, Category Director for Game Retail Ltd says: “Gaming and movies go together hand-in-hand – you only need to look at the cinematic effects found in many games, along with how many games are based on films and vice versa, to understand how closely the two are related.

“Introducing this range of movies is another big step towards delivering for every aspect of a gamer’s lifestyle. We’ve already had very encouraging performances on The Hobbit and Skyfall, and we’re confident that the time is right to extend our range. We’re really excited that our customers will be able to get their hands on their favourite movies both in-store and online.”

The new range will be available both in-store and online at from Monday 13th May.

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