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UK to End Mobile Phone Driving Law Loophole

I sincerely hope that I don’t have to tell you this, but just in case, using your mobile phone or smart device while driving is a really, really, bad idea! Not only from the point of view of you risking an encounter with the police (and getting a fine), but also the very real possibility that it could distract your attention enough to cause a very serious accident.

Since the laws were initially introduced in the UK, however, there has existed a pretty significant loophole. Namely, if a driver claimed that they were using their mobile phone to record video or take photographs, technically speaking, they were not violating the rules which currently apply.

Well, following a report via the BBC, the UK Government has confirmed that new laws will be introduced in early 2021 that will finally put this ‘workaround’ to bed!

UK to Change Laws Regarding Smartphones in Cars

Part of the problem is that smartphone technology has moved on rather significantly since the laws were initially introduced back in 2004. Put simply, at the time, both recording and camera quality was in its relative infancy and, as such, the prospect of people owning a device even capable of this wasn’t particularly high. With this, therefore, in mind, the initial laws pretty much solely covered communications. In other words, you couldn’t hold the phone in your hand to make/take a call and you couldn’t write text messages.

As such, I think many would agree that they needed a fresh revision to (sadly) accommodate for the careless driver of today.

What Is the New Law?

Although I am massively oversimplifying what the law will actually be, in a nutshell, you will not be able to hold your phone, for any reason, while the vehicle is operating on the road. If you have a handsfree kit, the phone must be installed within it before you begin traveling and the law will also apply if your vehicle is currently stationary such as if waiting for signal lights or in a traffic jam. Put simply, if you’re in your car, with it not parked, your mobile phone should NEVER be in your hand. And as far as I’m concerned, that sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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