UK to get faster not more broadband access

/ 5 years ago

According to the UK government, increasing the speed of existing broadband connection as opposed to increasing broadband availability is a better and more important strategy. In a recent report by the Lords communications committee, it states that the governments focus on upgrading existing broadband infrastructure whilst neglecting those areas without broadband access is threatening to leave certain parts of the UK technologically backwards and impact on their ability to compete in the national and international economy.

“…Inadequate access to the internet and all its benefits is actually afflicting their daily lives”

The committee states the governments £100 million spending program to build fibre-optic hubs in 10 cities is a flawed strategy. The additional £50 million available to other smaller cities still isn’t enough according to the report. Government money should be use to provide broadband access to all, not to give existing already connected users even faster internet which will allow them to further widen the gap between them and the disconnected.

“The delivery of certain speeds should not be the guiding principle; what is important is the long term assurance that as new internet applications emerge, everyone will be able to benefit, from inhabitants of inner cities to the remotest areas of the UK.”

The UK government aims to have high speed broadband or wireless access for 4.7 million users by 2015, out of a total UK population of 60 million.



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