UK’s Liberty Organisations Demands Investigation Into Legality Of UK Intelligence Services

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The ramifications of the leaks about the NSA made by Edward Snowden have had international coverage. In the UK the organisation “Liberty”, that protects human rights and civil liberties, is the first UK organisation to place a legal proceeding based on data published by Snowden.

It was recently revealed that the British Spy organisation, the GCHQ, has been spying on not only UK citizens but most of the world’s internet under a program dubbed “Mastering The Internet [MIT]”. More broadly NSA documents reveal that the UK’s GCHQ has been working closely with the NSA sharing data in a secret program called Tempora. With the UK’s GCHQ intercepting so much data about UK and global citizens it was only a matter of time before someone demanded an investigation.

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Liberty have submitted a request to the investigatory powers tribunal which defines the legal parameters of British law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Liberty have demanded that the tribunal determine whether British intelligence services have been using PRISM and/or Tempora to gather information.

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