Ultimate Showdown: Industrial Robot vs Sword Master

/ 3 years ago

Motoman Slice

Robots have become the lifeblood of many industries, their speed, accuracy and constant workflow outmatches their human rivals. Though taken away from the production line, could they match instinct, technique, could you take a bot to a sword fight?

The Yaskawa Bushido Project aims to answers this question pinning a Motoman-MH24 industrial robot against a Laijyutsu Master. The Motoman-MH24 is a 286kg high-speed industrial robot made by Yaskawa Electric Corporation.

The Yaskawa Bushido Project’s a short video clip showcasing a friendly competition between master and pupil. Japanese Master Swordsman and five-time world recorder holder Master Isao Machii teaches the Motoman various Laijyutsu forms, his technique’s analysed via 3D motion capture and replicated by the Motoman, their synchronous movements are a sight to behold.

Master and pupil start off with a cut in 4 directions, the first technique’s a diagonal cut which both execute stunningly, the second technique’s a rising cut, Master Machii’s technique’s flawless whereas the Motoman’s overkill, the third technique’s a horizontal cut this one’s stunning, love the slow mo, the final technique’s the thousand cuts, this one’s demanding though Master Machii pulled it off, completing the thousand cuts in style.

A brilliant display of martial prowess and mechanical engineering Yaskawa deserves a round of applause and best wishes for the upcoming 100th anniversary, this was by far the best thing I saw all week, a good ending to a good day.

Thank you phys.org for providing us with this information.

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