Ultra Fast 36 Core CPU Created by MIT Scientists

/ 3 years ago


36-core processors may soon be a reality as a team of researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology make advances in their design. Their aim is to create processors that deliver more performance, whilst reducing the number of sequences required to perform tasks.

The team at MIT have crated a smart way to redirect data packets, opening up more bandwidth inside multicore processors, which can offer huge benefits to particle simulation, financial analytics and many in the not to distant future, Crysis.

“The research on this chip is all about creating a shadow network that will allow caches in specific cores to anticipate data packets. Any data sets received by this 36 core chip is broken down and migrated across multiple cores. These cores typically have their own cache to store data, but only temporarily.”

The chip is a long way from retail availability, the team are still working hard on this shadow network between cores, at which point they’re hoping to be able to scale it on chips with hundred, even thousands of cores.

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  1. Black says:

    Xeon Phi has 72 cores…..

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