UltraHaptics Bring Minority Report Style Screens A Step Closer

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Creating huge displays isn’t out of our technological reach, controlling them with a wave of our hands is also possible, it is even possible to get quite a lot of interaction with these display, project them like holograms over glass and more… but one thing we cannot do is feel those interactions, until now.

A team of scientists at Bristol University have created something called Ultrahaptics, which provides you with a physical feedback when placing your hand on a projected image in the air, much like you get when you press on a smartphone screen and the phone vibrates a little to simulate a button being pressed.

The new technology was created using a technology similar to that of a cars parking sensor, where they beam ultrasound waves from the screen to a specific point in the air. This creates an invisible layer of vibrations which can be felt by human skin when interacted with. This would allow you to “feel” on screen objects, physically feel them move across the screen as you swipe or prod them with your finger to manipulate images and windows like you do with your mouse.

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There are a lot of current uses for this technology that go beyond giant Minority Report style screens. The hands free input could be used by drivers to control their Sat-Nav while driving, although you would no longer have to fumble for the screen, simply wave your hand in front of the device and you would feel the controls in the air… very cool indeed.

Thank you Telegraph for providing us with this information.

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One Response to “UltraHaptics Bring Minority Report Style Screens A Step Closer”
  1. Mark Smith says:

    One step closer to having a garage like Tony Starks’s. Finally.

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