Unactivated Windows 8.1 Blocks Some Features

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Softpedia report that Microsoft is taking a minor stance against unactivated copies of Windows 8.1. To encourage users to opt for fully licensed versions, now that they are available to buy, Microsoft will limit the functionality of unactivated copies by blocking you from setting a custom desktop background or changing the colours of the start screen. Just like on Windows 7 your desktop will be plain black with a “watermark” indicating that you need to activate or license your copy of Windows 8.1.

Finally as a last “nudge” towards making sure you activate your Windows a full screen activation request will pop up every few hours to remind you to do so and provide you with the relevant links and documentation to do that. From what I can remember of unactivated Windows 7, which we have run on a few test benches in the past when you don’t have time for the activation and updates procedure, these features were all present on Windows 7 too. In most cases users will be able to activate their Windows 8.1 with a legitimate license key and be rid of these annoyances, but for “Pirate” users a crack will be needed.

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  • Gidde

    Why does a site like eTeknix even comment on pirate users needing a crack? To me it’s very unprofessional.

    • epiquestions

      They are just being real.

    • Because the relationship between unactivated licenses and piracy is obvious – unactivated copies are penalised by Microsoft because it wants to force people away from pirated/free copies to legitimate licensed copies.

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