University of Bristol Builds 3D Interactive Fog Screen

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Designing buildings could become more futuristic and interactive with new technology from the University of Bristol. A new interactive tabletop system combined with personal screens, built using fog, will be unveiled at an international conference this month.

The technology, called MisTable, allows users to move images and push them through the fog-screens onto the display. The creators are hoping it will help change the way people interact and collaborate in the future.

Professor Sriram Subramanian, University of Bristol said: “MisTable broadens the potential of conventional tables in many novel and unique ways. The personal screen provides direct line of sight and access to the different interaction spaces.”

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He added that “Users can be aware of each other’s actions and can easily switch between interacting with the personal screen to the tabletop surface or the interaction section. This allows users to break in or out of shared tasks and switch between ‘individual’ and ‘group’ work.” The personal screen allows a range of customization and novel interactions such as presenting 2D personal content on the screen as well as 3D content above the tabletop for augmenting and relighting tangible objects differently for each user.


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